What is Reconnective Healing®?


Reconnective Healing® is a unique, new level of healing. It reminds us of who we are, and it brings us back to a natural and healthy state. It is equally successful on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. The effects are often quick but sometimes it takes weeks, even months, for changes to become complete and comprehensive.

Reconnective Healing® combines the qualities of all previous methods of energy medicine, but it outperforms them with often miraculous results, safety and ease of use, as well as with comprehensiveness of the effect.

Its results are subject of research in hospitals and universities all over the world under the supervision of famous scientists such as Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from the University in Sankt Petersburg, Dr. Gary Schwartz from the University in Arizona, Dr. William Tiller from the Stanford University. According to Dr. Tiller, the reconnection frequencies bring healing beyond what is typically known as energy healing – in a wider spectrum of energy, light and information.

The Reconnection® is actually more than healing. It is our evolution, a comprehensive process of reconnecting with the Universe through the spectrum of light and information and all of that is confirmed with the latest theories (e.g. string theory) in quantum physics.

The energy that appears during a session is significantly different than all healing energies known so far. First of all, it is highly intelligent, autonomous in work and it is impossible to direct it willingly. It makes diagnosis itself, sets the priorities and implements its therapy plan, which completely eliminates any mistake or adverse effect.

There is no physical touch or manipulation during the Reconnective Healing® session.

There is no specific pattern or procedure and healing procedure seems to be dictated by some higher intelligence. Everyone has a different experience during a session, but all of them are agreeable. These healing frequencies which are initiated during a session continue to influence a person even after the session, for as long as necessary.




The Reconnection® is not only a healing. We are all concentrated on healing because it is the most obvious. The Reconnection® (or personal reconnection) is done once in a lifetime and it is reflected in making us aware of our basic personal potential and talent. Putting this gift in a service of the development of human civilization represents fulfillment of the purpose of our birth and the realization of our highest personal happiness.

What are we actually reconnecting with?

With the universality of our being, with light, and we let our consciousness to return to the natural balance. It is known that healing with light and information is possible because the science has come to know about the existence of a “zero-point field” – the unlimited field of all possibilities. When our consciousness is in contact with that field, if we are aware of that, the healing comes.

Personal Reconnection® is a process of reconnecting the energy meridians (axiatonal lines) of the individual with the network of lines of Earth and the Universe. Precisely, each body has its own set of energy lines and points which connect us with the Universe like channels for the transfer of energy, light, and information between the large and the small, the macrocosm and the microcosm, the Universe and mankind.

The Reconnective energy reconnects all levels in a person, thus realizing inner harmony and unity with the Universe. Like logging to the internet, a person reconnects with the comprehensive intelligence of life, which out of all infinite possibilities chooses the information and energies that are corresponding the most to that person and to his/her every problem.

Personal Reconnection® releases us from fears and feelings of guilt, and instead to confront we become more creative, we become able to make better choices while making decisions, we gain better ability to give and receive love, we are able to enjoy the present moment and it also balances the glandular system which controls the metabolism.

The only limiting factor of healing and development effect after the Reconnection® lies in the willingness of a client to accept changes that comes with that new connection with the totality. One to three half-hour treatments surely initiate a process whose dynamics are defined only by our choice to allow harmonization with ourselves and our life. This is a future of healing that we have already stepped into.

The Reconnection® is a specific process, in terms of treatments which are done in two consecutive days or with the interval not longer than 48 hours. During this process, your meridian (axiatonal) lines and the DNA chains will be stimulated to reconnect with the energy meridians of the planet, stars, the Universe.

This process is bringing us closer to our optimal genetic code and increases our potentials. It usually creates major changes and prosperity in life and in general health of an individual:

– Ability to make better choices while decision making.
– Expands our ability to give and receive love.
– Helps in releasing fears and feeling of guilt.
– The true meaning of your existence will be clearer to you.
– You will be able to relax and enjoy every moment.
– The endocrine system that controls the metabolism is balanced.

There is no conversation during the session because it is energy healing. Every session consists of a talk before the session and energy work itself.

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